3d Architectural Visualization
Architectural visualization

3D Architectural Visualisation for Architects and Planning Consultants
If you need to present a new development to key decision-makers, and want to communicate the scheme to its best advantage, 3D visualisation is a powerful tool.

   An Overview : What does it mean to Architects and Developers?

3d architecture visualisation enables potential buyers, investors and other viewers to get a clear understanding of a new development before it's built. Architectural drawings are often highly complex, so 3d architectural visualization is taking off as a way to make new buildings more accessible to ordinary people before construction begins.

From an architect's point of view this could enable the client to have a more informed role in the design process or for closer collaboration between members of the architectural design team.

From a property developer's point of view this could mean potential buyers get excited about a new property earlier and therefore enable the developer to sell off plan more successfully.

3d architectural visualisation has a wide range of applications, and this list is only continuing to grow as more and more people understand the power of turning their drawings into compelling imagery using 3d architectural visualisation.


3D Visualisation Technology : New Applications

3d architectural visualisation is a specialised area and the technology is constantly advancing. It is possible now to create highly realistic lighting and shadowing effects that simulate almost exactly real life conditions.

This means it is sometimes difficult to differentiate between architectural visualisation images and an actual photograph.

This is opening up 3d architectural visualisation to a range of other users, including, for example, kitchen and bathroom designers who wish to showcase their products effectively in sales brochures and other materials.

High end product photography can be extremely expensive, so architectural visualisation becomes an affordable option. With architectural visualisation the client can have complete control over the scene before its photographed, so that new kitchens, bathrooms and other internal or external spaces can be shown to best advantage in a controlled

commercial renderings      flythroughs of apartments

     The Future

As architecture visualisation advances further, and CGI renderings become ever more realistic, we are sure to see new applications for architectural visualisation technology emerging.

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