3d Architectural Visualisation
Architectural visualisation

3D Architectural Visualisation for Architects and Planning Consultants
If you need to present a new development to key decision-makers, and want to communicate the scheme to its best advantage, 3D visualisation is a powerful tool.

   What is Architectural Visualisation?

3d architectural visualisation is the process of creating realistic computer generated images from two-dimensional architectural drawings and plans. 3d architectural visualisation brings new schemes to life long before they have been built.

3d architectural visualisation is a specialist area of expertise combining architectural knowledge with expert computer graphics skills. The software used to create 3d architectural visualisation is highly complex and includes advanced lighting and texturing and rendering capabilities to enable designers to deliver highly realistic computer generated images.


Architectural Visualization for Planning Permission

3d architectural visualisation is becoming increasingly popular among architects and developers during the planning permission process. Planning officers in the UK are increasingly requesting that 3d architectural visualisation is used to submit images of new buildings in support of planning applications.

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     Architectural Visualization for Architects

Architects are also increasingly developing 3d architectural visualisation skills within their own practices to varying degrees. Widely available solutions such as sketch up enable architects to create 3d models from their plans to assist with the design process.

The images produced by software solutions such as this tend to be less realistic, attractive, and detailed than the high-end CGI renderings produced by specialist architectural visualisation firms. However it is often deemed cost effective for architects to bring architectural visualisation skills in-house as they are so incredibly useful to the design and presentation process.

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     Architecture Visualisation for Property Marketing

3d architectural visualization is also changing the way new property is promoted and sold once planning permission has been secured. It enables developers to show their buyers exactly what a new building will look like when its completed. This could include 3d virtual tours around a new development or highly realistic static CGI renderings of a new development for use in sales brochures and other presentation materials.

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